May 21, 2018 | Jackie

Project 201801
Title: Gestational Effects of Low Dose Cd Exposure on Epigenetic Regulation of Metabolism
Scott Belcher, (PI), NCSU
Theresa C. Guillette, (Co-I), NCSU

Project 201802
Title: Zac1 and the Imprinted Gene Network in the Programming of Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease
Michael Cowley, (PI), NCSU
Marine Baptissart, (Co-I), NCSU

Project 201803
Title: The novel role for estrogen signaling in pulmonary eicosanoid metabolism after ozone
Kymberly M. Gowdy, (PI), ECU
Espen Spangenburg, (Co-I), ECU
Johanna Hannan, (Co-I), ECU

Project 201804
Title: Are long non-coding RNAs the missing link in AhR mediated repression of mesenchymal stem cell differentiation?
Seth Kullman, (PI), NCSU
Jonathan Hall, (Co-I), NCSU
David Reif, (Co-I), NCSU

Project 201805
Title: GenX and related perfluorinated compounds: a comparative analysis of trophic transfer and toxicity
Carolyn Mattingly, (PI), NCSU
Antonio Planchart, (Co-I), NCSU
David Buchwalter, (Co-I), NCSU

Project 201806
Title: Impacts of GenX (2,3,3,3-tetrafluoro-2-(heptafluoropropoxy)- propanoate) on reproductive function and transcriptome signature in Caenorhabditis elegans
Xiaoping Pan (PI), ECU
David N. Collier (PI), ECU
Detlef R. U. Knappe (PI), NCSU

Project 201807
Title: Novel statistical methods for estimating the health effects of chemical mixtures
Brian Reich, (PI), NCSU
Denis Fourches, (Co-I), NCSU
Jane Hoppin, (Co-I), NCSU

Project 201808
Title: A novel role of CDK4 in the transcriptional regulation of chromosome stability genes
Marcelo Rodriguez-Publa, (PI), NCSU
Michael Bereman, (Co-I), NCSU

Project 201809
Title: Histamine in homes: Spatial distribution and exposure risks
Coby Schal, (PI), NCSU
Zachary DeVries, (Co-I), NCSU