August 26, 2021 | mpjames

Find out Fridays May 21, 2021-

Find Out Fridays is a CHHE Zoom event held at noon on certain Fridays of each month.  For previous Find out Fridays topics and recordings (10/2020-5/2021) click here.  For recent and planned Find out Fridays topics and schedule starting in May 2021-May 2022 see below or consult the CHHE calendar. The purpose of these sessions is to provide CHHE members and their groups with an overview of; 1) a CHHE service/benefit or 2) a topic of general interest to the CHHE membership. 

On certain Fridays at noon, a CHHE Leader/Navigator/Core Director/Member will provide a 10 minute overview of the capabilities/support/services of their core or topic of general interest. This will be followed by a 15-20 minute Q&A/discussion session. Please invite your graduate students, postdocs and technicians. You and your group are invited to attend all sessions or just those sessions of interest; bring your questions!

Please join us for all sessions and seminars at:

May 21 NIH’s Rigor & Reproducibility Requirement – Jamie Bonner and Nanette Nascone-Yoder
Sept 24 Comparative Toxicogenomics Database – Dr. Carolyn Mattingly
Oct 01 An Update on Pathology Services Available through UNC – Dr. Hannah Atkins