A mission of the CHHE is to stimulate and support research related to environmental health sciences (EHS).   As part of this effort, CHHE will provide seed funds to support CHHE member projects that are related to mission of the Center.  CHHE will provide up to $5000/CHHE member/year (April 1 –March 31) to defray the costs associated with using the Comparative Pathology Core (tissue embedding and processing, immunohistochemical staining, etc.) and/or the Systems Technologies Core (genomics, epigenomics, and transcriptomics; discovery and targeted proteomics; discovery and targeted metabolomics including environmental toxicants; and metallomics).  CHHE will also consider providing funds to support EHS research associated with the Integrative Health Sciences Facility and Community Engagement Cores.

Submit your request here.  Provide a short paragraph describing the environmental health relevance of the project, the core(s) for which you are requesting support, and confirm that you have discussed the project/costs with the leader of the Facility Core you plan to use.  CHHE will review requests and reply with a funding decision within one week. Additional information may be requested to clarify an application. CHHE members will need to complete the CHHEK survey before funds can be approved/released.  Please direct your questions to Rob Smart, rcsmart@ncsu.edu

REMEMBER TO CITE THE CHHE GRANT in any resulting publications or presentations as follows: Research reported in this publication was supported in part by NIEHS under award number P30ES025128