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CHHE Outstanding Member Award

The CHHE Outstanding Member Award is awarded annually. The recipient of this award will receive a $200 gift card and their name is added to the Outstanding Award Member plaque. The awardee is full member or staff, chosen by the Director (with input from the IAC), who through their research and/or service have demonstrated:

1. Excellence in their contributions toward the CHHE mission
2. Advancement of the Centre's impact
3. Contributions toward the growth of other members of the CHHE or the stakeholders that we serve

Dereje Jima 2019
Senior Bioinformatics Research Scholar
Michael Bereman2020
Associate Professor
University Faculty Scholar

Dr. Bereman’s work is focused on underlying mechanisms of etiology of ALS and the development of innovative and quantitative analytical methodologies. He has been a leader of the proteomics initiative within the CHHE since his arrival in 2013 and this has grown under his leadership to a more advanced Systems Technologies Core and partnership with METRIC.
Michael Cowley – 2020
Associate Professor
Director of the Toxicology Graduate Program

Dr. Cowley’s work is aimed at understanding how the developmental environment can program susceptibility to metabolic disease later in life through modulating imprinted gene activity early in life.  He has advanced the stature of the Center through his research and through his role as Co-leader of CHHE’s Environmental Epigenetics and Genetics RIG and participation in the High School Teacher’s Summer Program and community engagement.
Katlyn May – 2021
CEC Director

This award is given in recognition of Katy’s outstanding contributions to community engagement and to the Center. Katy has advanced the stature and impact of the Center through her important contributions to the Center involving her work with teachers and their students, the NIEHS-funded High School Teacher’s Summer Program, community groups in Durham, Raleigh and Wilmington Community especially during these challenging pandemic times and on expanding environmental literacy in NC.
Nadine Kotlarz – 2019