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NIH Grants Received by CHHE Members in 2016

Congratulations to our CHHE members that received NIH grants in 2016!

2/2016-1/2018 NIEHS-5R21ES025374-01A1 Environmental Pesticide Exposure and Respiratory Outcomes in Women and Children Co-PI’s J.A. Hoppin and B. VanWendeldeJoode, Co-I’s A. Mora, B. Reich, C. Lindh, M. Soto-Martinez

4/2016-3/2021 NIH-5R01NS098370-01 Role of Ependyma in Forebrain Homeostasis
PI H.T. Ghashghaei, Co-I K. Adler

5/2016-4/2017 NIH-1S10OD021615-01 Cell Sorter Grant for ECU Flow Cytometry Core Facility
PI K. Gowdy

5/2016-2/2021 NIH-5R01MH109471-02 Elucidating the Mechanisms by Which Estradiol Regulates Female Striatal Neuron Excitability PI J. Meitzen, Collaborators H. Patisaul

6/2016-4/2020 NIH-1U01ES026717-01 Systems Toxicogenomics of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Brain PI D. Aylor, Co-I’s H. Patisaul, T. Wiltshire and G. Crawford

6/2016-5/2021 NIH-R01-ES024471 Role of Long Intergenic Noncoding RNA in UVB-induced Apoptosis and Skin Cancer PI R.C. Smart, Co-I’s M. Bereman, J.R. Hall, K.E. Linder and F. Wright

7/2016-6/2021 NIH-1K01OD021419-01A1 Identification of Genetic Collaborators in Cancer with a Brca2-mutant Zebrafish Model PI H. Shive; Mentors R.C. Smart, M.Breen and J. Yoder

9/2016-8/2020 NIH-5U54CA156735-07 NCCU-Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center PARTNERSHIP IN CANCER RESEARCH PI R. Richardson