The Proteomics Section of the Systems Technologies Core is led by Dr. Michael Bereman and Dr. Jeffrey Enders.

Michael Bereman, PhD

Jeffrey Enders, PhD

The Proteomics Section can consult on and conduct various proteomics-based experiments with CHHE members:

Please review our presentation below for more information on instruments and example studies that the Proteomics Section is able to assist with.


 The Specific Aims of the Proteomics Section within the STC are:  

AIM 1. Provide expertise in study design for proteomic experiments.  The Proteomics Section provides guidance on the design of experiments, sample collection, protein extraction, protein solubilization, protein stabilization, protocol development, and data interpretation. The Section will provide reviews of relevant literature, when necessary, to educate members on novelty of and insight into less routine proteomic procedures.

AIM 2. Advance EHS research by implementing both discovery and targeted proteomic experiments. The Proteomics Section uses state-of-the-art LC MS/MS techniques to conduct discovery proteomic experiments, analyses of targeted proteins and their PTMs.

AIM 3. Provide consultation for members with projects that would benefit from other analytical measurement technologies. The Proteomics Section provides CHHE members direction (i.e., first point of contact) on the most appropriate analytical methodologies to address the needs of the experiment and the avenues to access these specific techniques (e.g. Metabolomics Section etc.).

Please contact Jeffrey Enders, PhD ( for consultation and questions.