The Department of Environmental and Molecular Toxicology is the administrative center for the NIEHS training grant (T32) entitled, Molecular Pathways to Pathogenesis in Toxicology.  Sixteen faculty members from 3 colleges and 6 departments participate in this interdisciplinary NIEHS training program.  While the focus of the training grant has evolved over the years, this training grant has been continuously funded for 35 years. 

Graduate Training in Bioinformatics is another NIEHS supported training grant (T32) on the NC State campus.  Faculty members of the NIEHS Bioinformatics training grant interact with faculty and students on the NIEHS Molecular Pathways to Pathogenesis in Toxicology training grant with many interactions involving research collaborations aimed at the analysis of complex microarray data sets, deep sequencing, ChIPseq and/or participation on graduate student PhD advisory committees.  The faculty, predoc and postdoc trainees associated with these two NIEHS training programs benefit from the CHHE seminars, workshops, facility cores including the translational IHSFC as well as from the pilot projects.  Dr. Alison Motsinger-Reif, Director of the Bioinformatics/Statistics Facility Core (BSFC) is a statistician/bioinformatist and key member of the Bioinformatics Research Center at NC State and in the Graduate Training in Bioinformatics NIEHS training grant.  We anticipate that, through Dr. Motsinger-Reif’s leadership role in CHHE/BSFC new opportunities for Bioinformatics trainees will be created and the overall bioinformatics program interactions in environmental health science at NC State will be enhanced.