Criteria for Full and Associate Center Membership

Prospective new members may self-nominate or be nominated by a CHHE member.

The criteria for Full Membership in the Center are: i) current NIEHS and/or other extramural funding status (i.e. is an established investigator or has the potential for funding if a junior investigator); ii) relevance of the individual’s research program to EHS; and iii) potential for collaborative interactions with existing Center members to enhance ongoing or facilitate new EHS research activities.  At least two of the three above criteria should be met for membership. The criteria for Associate Membership in the Center are: 1) Postdoc or Research Associate status; 2) significant interest in EHS; and 3) relevance of the individual’s research program to EHS.

The Internal Advisory Committee (IAC) will vote on the appointment of new nominees as well as the reappointment of existing members. The initial appointment to CHHE membership will be for a term of three years. Prospective CHHE members must demonstrate a commitment to the goals of the CHHE and will be expected to participate on one of the Research Teams. Member candidates will provide a CV, a letter documenting their interest in membership and a nominating member letter to the Center Director.  If self-nominating, please send Center Director your CV and a letter documenting your interest in membership. These documents will be provided to the IAC at least two weeks before voting. The IAC will discuss and vote on all applications for membership. A simple majority vote in favor of membership will be required to accept the applicant for CHHE membership. Applicants accepted for membership will receive an email from the Center Director welcoming them to CHHE.  Applicants receiving unfavorable votes will receive an email from the Center Director with reasons for the vote. The applicant will be provided an opportunity to provide a rebuttal that will then be considered at the next IAC meeting. A second unfavorable vote will require the member candidate waiting one year before re-applying with the expectation that during that year, they will demonstrate increased activities consistent with Center membership.

Evaluation for Reappointment

Near the end of each three-year term of membership, each Member will be evaluated by the IAC for renewal of membership for another three-year term. The member will provide an activity report describing their involvement in CHHE and their current and pending grant information.   In assessing reappointment, the IAC will take in consideration the member’s participation in Center activities including Research Teams, IHSFC, COEC, collaborative activities, use of Core Facilities and citation of the Center grant in research publications that utilize Center resources. Members will be evaluated for reappointment by the IAC.  Part of one IAC meeting annually will be devoted to evaluation of members.  The process will proceed as follows: a) preliminary evaluation of member’s activities and suitability for continued membership in the Center will be made by the Director and Deputy Director based upon the activity report of the member; b) members obviously meeting the stated expectations of membership will be reappointed; and c) any member who is not obviously meeting requirements for continued membership will be brought to the IAC for full consideration. The activity reports of members under full IAC consideration will be circulated to all IAC members at least two weeks before the meeting. At the meeting, the Center Director will lead a discussion of the member’s continued interest and involvement in the Center, with special input from the Research Team Leader that the member is associated with. The IAC will then vote and a simple majority vote in favor of continued membership will be required to renew membership of the individual in question. The Center Director will provide a report of concerns to the members who were discussed at the quarterly IAC meeting with expectations for continued membership. Those members not receiving a favorable vote will be notified with reasons why and be provided an opportunity to provide a rebuttal for consideration at the next IAC meeting before being removed from Center membership. A second unfavorable vote by the IAC will be required to remove an individual from Center membership. If his/her situation changes, the investigator can re-apply for membership at a future date.