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Membership Criteria

Full Member

Faculty member at NC State, ECU, or NCCU
Provides scientific or administrative expertise to the CHHE

In addition, a Full Member must have:

Obtained or applied for extramural EHS grant support (PI, Co-PI or Co-I) within the past three years
Contributed to the peer-reviewed EHS literature within the past three years

Junior faculty/early-stage investigators planning to conduct EHS research are eligible to apply for Full Membership provided they have a track record of authoring peer-reviewed publications in their respective EHS-related field. It is expected that such individuals will meet the eligibility requirements listed above within 3-4 years of receiving CHHE Membership.

Associate Member

Faculty member at NC State, ECU, or NCCU, or professional status at an organization in the Research Triangle area (e.g. NC DHHS) demonstrating strong interest in EHS but is not grant-seeking or publishing EHS relevant manuscripts on a regular basis. 
Post-doc, research associate, or research scholar at NC State, ECU, or NCCU whose primary interest is conducting research with EHS relevance and is publishing in this area, but may not be a PI or Investigator on EHS grants.

Advisory Member

Faculty member at NC State, ECU, or NCCU who has a history of CHHE involvement and is no longer grant-seeking, but wishes to remain engaged and informed of CHHE news (emeritus or planning retirement).
A senior level scientist that serves CHHE in an advisory capacity.

Expectations of Members

Members are expected to:

  1. Participate in CHHE enrichment activities, seminars, mini-retreats, RIGs, symposia, and surveys;
  2. Contribute scientific or administrative expertise to the CHHE mission;
  3. Participate as Reviewer in Pilot Project Program and the CEC Community Grants Program; and
  4. Use CHHE core facilities to advance their research (Full members).

Membership Approval Process

Member candidates must provide a CV and a letter documenting their interest in membership to the Center Director. The Director and the Internal Advisory Board (IAB) will vote on the appointment of new nominees and reappointment of existing members at monthly IAB meetings. Prospective CHHE members must demonstrate a commitment to the goals of the CHHE and will be expected to participate in CHHE events. The Director and IAB will discuss and vote on all applications for membership. A simple majority vote in favor of membership will be required to accept the applicant for CHHE membership. Applicants accepted for membership will receive an email from the Center Director welcoming them to CHHE. Initial appointment is for a term of three years.

Applicants receiving unfavorable votes will receive an email from the Center Director with reasons for the vote. The applicant will be provided an opportunity to provide a rebuttal that will then be considered at the next IAB meeting. A second unfavorable vote will require the member candidate to wait one year before re-applying with the expectation that during that year, they will demonstrate increased activities consistent with Center membership.

Benefits of Membership

  • Priority access to and use of core facilities.
  • Expert guidance by core leaders (or Navigators) on experimental design, sample preparation, omics services as well as bioinformatic and statistical analysis of experimental data.
  • Access to Ingenuity Pathway Analysis and CLC Genomics Workbench software.
  • Access to $5K seed funds/year (Full Members only)
  • Flexible voucher funds up to $15K (Full Members only)
  • Travel awards for junior/early career investigators to attend workshop, meeting or learn a new technique
  • Scored Grant Program – accepts requests of up to $15K from full members to support the generation of new data for the revision of EHS-related R01s and possibly other R grants (depending on remaining funds) that were scored but not funded
  • Invitation to all CHHE events, monthly newsletter and emails describing EHS relevant events/meeting/opportunities
  • Invitation to participate in CHHE’s Pilot Project Program

Reclassification and Reappointment

The Director and IAB will annually review members’ research, funding and Center involvement and may re-classify membership status according to annual activity. Members may request a review and adjustment of their membership status.

Near the end of each three-year term of membership, each Member will be evaluated by the Director and IAB for renewal of membership for another three-year term. Members may be asked to provide an activity report describing their participation in Center activities, use of Core Facilities, funding, and citation of the Center grant in research publications that utilize Center resources. The evaluation process will proceed as follows:

  1. The Director and Deputy Director will make a preliminary assessment of each member’s activities and suitability for continued membership in the Center based upon the activity report of the Member;
  2. A member obviously meeting the stated expectations of membership will be reappointed; and
  3. A member who is not obviously meeting requirements for continued membership will be discussed further at the monthly IAB meeting for full consideration. The Director and the IAB will review the activity report and vote; a simple majority will be required for continued membership. Members receiving an unfavorable vote will be notified with reasons why and be provided an opportunity to submit a rebuttal for consideration at the next IAB meeting before being removed from Center membership. A second unfavorable vote by the IAB will be required to remove an individual from Center membership. If the individual’s situation changes, they can re-apply for membership at a future date.