The Pilot Project Program is led by Dr. James Bonner, Dept. Biological Sciences, NC State

The CHHE Pilot Project Program (PPP) fosters collaborations, increases multidisciplinary research and aids in the career development of early stage investigators to advance environmental health research. The overarching goal of CHHE’s PPP is to provide support for research aimed at understanding the adverse impacts of environmental factors on human health and disease.  The CHHE PPP aims to enhance the impact of environmental health research and increase the environmental health identity at NC State University, East Carolina University (ECU) Brody School of Medicine and North Carolina Central University (NCCU).

Pilot project funding is awarded to collect preliminary data that; 1) advances the mission of CHHE and the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences (NIEHS) Strategic Plan and 2) supports applications for external funding from the NIEHS, other NIH Institutes and Federal agencies. The PPP supports high quality basic, applied, clinical and public health research, especially in areas relevant to the 4 CHHE research interest groups which are: 1) Emerging Contaminants, 2) Environmental Genetics and Epigenetics, 3) Pulmonary Health and 4) Behavior and Neuroscience.  CHHE PPP also supports high quality environmental health research outside of its thematic areas as well as high risk/high gain research addressing environmental health concerns and encourages the use of CHHE’s cores and resources. CHHE PPP accepts applications from CHHE members as well as non-member faculty from NC State University, ECU Brody School of Medicine and NCCU. This PPP policy functions to attract/recruit new members, bring new skill sets to the Center and increase the Center’s multidisciplinary research base in environmental health. In 2019, the PPP added a new program that supports community engaged projects.

Specific Aims

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Please direct questions to:

James Bonner, PhD
Director, Pilot Project Program
Center for Human Health and the Environment
Professor, Department of Biological Sciences
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC


Tel.: 919-515-8615

CHHE Pilot Project Instructions 2021