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Services and Support

CHHE provides the infrastructure that synergizes with the Center’s significant environmental health identity to produce a highly sustainable and impactful Center.

CHHE provides consultation and affordable access to analytical and -omics technologies, bioinformatics support, and pathologic assessment of the effects of exposures on model organisms as well as access to the Integrative Health Sciences Facility Core (IHSFC) translational partnership and resources.

CHHE provides additional support through its Seed Fund, STC Voucher and Scored Grant Programs.  In addition, CHHE provides individualized grant writing program as well as travel funds for early and mid-career investigators. 

Enrichment activities include CHHE-sponsored workshops, seminars, symposia and retreats.

Core Facilities

Other Member Support

STC Voucher Program

All full center members are eligible for the Systems Technology Core (STC) Voucher Program. Under this program, CHHE provides 50% of the costs up to $15K/member per year for $30K STC or pathology services for projects with EHS relevance.  

To participate, complete a STC voucher request, which includes estimated costs and a project description. The major approval criterion will be that funds must be used for EHS-related projects.

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Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA)

An IPA software license is purchased yearly by CHHE for access by all members and cores. IPA has broad adoption by the life science research community and is cited in thousands of articles for the analysis, integration, and interpretation of data derived from -omics experiments, such as RNA-seq, small RNA-seq, microarrays including miRNA and SNP, metabolomics, and proteomics. Mummichug in MetaboAnalyast and KEGG pathway analysis in Compound Discoverer are also used.