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Evaluation Resources

Recorded workshops on program planning and evaluation for community groups and educators.

Introduction to Program Evaluation

You’ve got an idea for a program, but how will you know if you’ve been successful? Hosted by Dr. Kristi Pettibone, from NIEHS, this workshop will review the basics of program evaluation, selecting metrics for success, work through examples of evaluation plans, and introduce the PEPH Evaluation Metrics Manual for you to use in creating future evaluation plans. NIEHS funds the Center for Human Health and the Environment and a variety of programs that address and respond to community-based environmental health needs. 

Recorded 8/12/20

How to Plan and Measure your Project’s Success

How do you get your big idea to a clear set of processes and outcomes? Hosted by Dr. Tamara Young of NC State, this workshop will teach you how to systematically think through your project’s planning, implementation and evaluation by teaching you how to construct a logic model. Many grant applications now require logic models, but whether required or not, they are an invaluable way to stay organized and successful. Dr. Young is an Associate Professor in Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, with expertise in helping stakeholders create, plan and implement evaluation strategies for their programs.

Recorded 8/17/20