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Interdisciplinary Research Interest Groups (RIGs)

RIGs advance discovery in environmental health sciences along the continuum from genes to populations.

Focus Areas 

RIGs are the thematic areas of CHHE research, and the work horses of the Center. All CHHE members are affiliated with at least one of the five RIGs, many belong to two RIGS, and membership spans all three institutions. The members build relationships, use CHHE funding resources to generate preliminary data, form collaborations, and generate EHS funding to move respective fields forward. To build future Center leadership capacity, several RIG lead roles have been filled with early and mid-level faculty, matched with a more experienced co-lead. The shared mission of the RIGs is to advance EHS research and to translate their findings, if possible, through the TRSC and CEC to public health, disease or exposure prevention, or clinicians. RIGs self-organize in a way that most benefits its members, but they share common goals:

  • Organize one RIG event each semester,
  • Communicate Center news to their RIG members,
  • Solicit RIG member input regarding center activities, Core use, satisfaction, and future needs, and provide updates at IAB meeting,
  • Inspire collaborations among RIG members, identify opportunities for members to use the PPP and special funding Programs, and facilitate interactions with the Cores,
  • Support the PPP by identifying expert reviewers when needed,
  • Sponsor a high impact CHHE seminar speaker each year.