Looking for a new way to connect with CHHE members?  Try the CHHE interest groups.
We’ve created four cross-cutting interest groups for CHHE members to get involved with.  Join one or more to get involved.

Behavior and Neuroscience Group: This group will focus on questions and activities related to neurodevelopment and neurotoxicology.  Goals include coordinating research efforts, increasing grant submissions, enhancing our presence at the Society for Neuroscience meeting and working towards becoming nationally recognized as having strength in “Environmental Neuroscience.”

Group Leader: Emilie Rissman, efrissma@ncsu.edu

Emerging Contaminants Group: This group will bring together researchers interested in emerging contaminants (BMAA, GenX, Firemaster, and others).

Group Leader: Jane Hoppin (NCSU) jahoppin@ncsu.edu

Environmental Epigenetics and Genetics Group: This group will build a community of faculty, staff and students interested in the mechanisms and consequences of interactions between the environment and the epigenome. We will discuss current trends, exchange ideas, share technical knowledge, and foster collaborations with the goal of addressing outstanding questions in the field.

Group leaders: David Aylor, dlaylor@ncsu.edu
Mike Cowley, macowley@ncsu.edu

Pulmonary Interest Group:  The Pulmonary interest group will work to establish collaborations between basic and translational scientists and clinicians that are interested in understanding mechanisms behind environmental exposures and lung diseases.  This group will hold meetings at both NCSU and ECU to facilitate exchange of ideas and expertise that will result in interdisciplinary groups that can apply for external funding opportunities.

Group Leader: Vijay Sivaraman (NCCU)