Nanette Nascone-Yoder Ph: 919-513-8284

The Career Development Core is led by Dr. Nanette Nascone-Yoder.

The mission of the Career Development Core is to support faculty, particularly early stage investigators, women and under-represented minority investigators, to enable them to reach their goals of achieving and maintaining excellence in environmental health science research. The Core produces a career development plan for CHHE members that provides the support required to ensure that CHHE members compete successfully for external funding. The Career Development Core is coordinated with a robust Pilot Project Program which together foster early stage investigators.

The Specific Aims of the CHHE Career Development Core are:
Aim 1 To promote career development/training of early stage investigators.
Aim 2 To support training and career development of women and under-represented minorities.
Aim 3 To develop and support scientific enrichment activities.

Career Development Core Members