The mission of he Comparative Pathology Core (CPC) is to provide CHHE member scientists dedicated access to cost-free pathology expertise by veterinary pathologists to assess the effects of environmental factors in a diverse range of animal models.

Specific Aims of the Comparative Pathology Core:
AIM 1 Provide CHHE members with comprehensive pathology support, expertise and consultation for diverse vertebrate animal models.
AIM 2 Build pathology collaborations by providing pathology expertise and consultation leading to joint authored, grant applications and publications.
AIM 3 Enhance environmental health science research capacity by providing 1) training in pathology
techniques, 2) information sessions on tissue assessment technologies, 3) integration of tissue assessment with molecular analysis via the CHHE’s Systems Technologies Core and CVM Histology Laboratory, and 4) consultation on use of animal models and genetically modified animals.

Contact the CPC for all your pathology questions and/or consultation:  Watch this short video for additional information.