The Comparative Pathology Core (CPC) provides a single portal for CHHE member scientists to access unparalleled pathology expertise of a diverse range of animal models, covering laboratory rodents, fish and domestic animals.

Contact the CPC for all your pathology questions and/or consultation:

Ketih E. Linder, DVM, PhD, ACVP

Director, Comparative Pathology Core and Clinical Associate Professor, Dept. of Population Health and Pathobiology

As Director of the Comparative Pathology Core in the Center for Human Heath and the Environment, my goal is to provide collaborative pathology support to CHHE scientists to utilize the best animal model systems to study environmental health problems. As a board certified veterinary pathologist, I am interested to study whole animal systems and to understand multi-organ impacts of disease, especially in comparative animal models.  My focus is skin disease research and I have extensive experience in the pathology of animal models of skin disease and of naturally occurring animal skin diseases, including those with human counterparts.