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Our mission

We seek to understand how human health is impacted by environmental factors and how to reduce adverse impacts. 

An Interdisciplinary Center with a Diverse Approach

We bring together 60 investigators from 15 departments and six colleges at NC State, as well as seven investigators from East Carolina University Brody School of Medicine, seven from North Carolina Central University and one from the NC Department of Health and Human Services.

Impactful Environmental Health Sciences Center

We are the nexus for interdisciplinary environmental health science research at NC State and an NIEHS Environmental Sciences Core Center.

Interfacing Different Disciplines Through a Systems Biology Framework

Through a systems biology framework integrating all levels of biological organization – biomolecule, pathway, cell, tissue, organ, model organism, human, and human population – CHHE aims to elucidate fundamental mechanisms through which environmental stressors influence human disease and produce adverse human health outcomes and to ultimately use this to reduce adverse health outcomes.

CHHE provides focus, resources and leadership for interdisciplinary research that improves human health locally, nationally and globally.

Rob Smart

CHHE Director

2020 Center Highlights


New Members


Seed money, travel funds & pilot project funds awarded


Projects supported by CHHE core facilities


Community grants funded


Publications supported by CHHE


NIH and NIEHS funded grants

New Grant Awarded to Hoyo and Colleagues

Congratulations to Cathrine Hoyo and colleagues on being awarded a $17M grant to fund the Southern Liver Health Study. This will be the first large-scale effort to longitudinally determine the link between environmental contaminants, liver disease and cancer in a residentially and ethnically diverse population.

CHHE is committed to diversity, inclusion, equity, anti-racism, anti-oppression and environmental justice.  We challenge ourselves to identify and understand these inequities and to intentionally work to correct them.

CHHE is an NIEHS-funded Environmental Health Science Core Center.