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6th Annual CHHE Symposium

The 6th Annual CHHE Symposium took place on February 24th,2022 and it was an outstanding virtual symposium focused on climate change and health.  The Organizing Committee (Bonner, Collier, Dello, Runkle, Schnetzer, White), chaired by James Bonner, deserves special kudos for bringing together experts from a wide variety of fields to share their climate knowledge and research results with  symposium attendees.  Speakers were from NC State, National Institutes of Health, US Environmental Protection Agency and University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.  Topics spanned climate and environmental justice, an overview of NIH’s and EPA’s climate initiatives and missions, big data projections involving how actions now can produce very positive future climate change, climate and harmful algal blooms and climate and coastal resilience.  Symposium recordings can be found here.