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CHHE Fall 2016 Call for Pilot Project Proposals

August 24, 2016 | Jackie

The NC State University Center for Human Heath and the Environment (CHHE) is announcing a […]

2016 Pilot Project Awards

June 17, 2016 | Jackie

Project 201601 Title: Benzoic acid in beverages; Establishing a link between urinary metatbolites, metabolic dysregulation […]

Tara Nash

Dr. Tara Nash recently hired as CHHE proteomics expert

May 13, 2016 | Jackie

Dr. Tara Nash is a recently hired CHHE proteomics expert in the CHHE Proteomics Section. […]

Understanding Climate Changes

Climate Justice in Rural Southeastern United States: Climate Change Impacts and Effects on Human Health

February 9, 2016 | Katy May

NC State educational researchers in the Departments of Applied Ecology and STEM Education recently published […]

A tractor sprays a field of crops.

Agricultural Pesticide Exposure and Chronic Kidney Disease: New Findings and More Questions

January 8, 2016 | Thi Duong

Researchers at NC State, NIEHS, and UNC Chapel Hill recently published the first article to […]

Carolyn Mattingly Named University Faculty Scholar

December 21, 2015 | Thi Duong

Carolyn Mattingly is an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and Co-Director of […]

2016 Pilot Project Announcement – Request for Applications

December 17, 2015 | Thi Duong

The NC State University Center for Human Heath and the Environment (CHHE) is announcing its […]


Special Seminar Announcement: November 17, 2015 “The p53 Tumor Suppressor Pathway”

November 10, 2015 | Jackie

Guillermina “Gigi” Lozano is known worldwide for her research on the regulation of the p53 […]


“Telomeres are Partly Shielded from Ultraviolet-Induced Damage and Proficient for Nucleotide Excision Repair of Photoproducts”

November 9, 2015 | rcsmart

North Carolina State University Researcher and CHHE Member, Hong Wang, and her colleagues at NC […]

NIEHS EHSCC Director Dr. Gary Miller Visits NC State and CHHE

November 2, 2015 | rcsmart

Dr. Gary W. Miller, Asa Griggs Candler Professor in the Department of Environmental Health and […]