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A Collaborative Workshop on Aquatic Models and 21st Century Toxicology


The need to screen thousands of environmental toxicants and small molecules, on human health has propelled the use of high-throughput cell-based screens to the forefront of toxicology. Yet these studies are limited by the availability of a model organism that recapitulates the development, physiology and disease processes present in humans without the burden of high maintenance costs and extensive husbandry, limited fecundity, lack of genetic diversity and societal opposition that diminish the utility of many rodent-based models currently in use. To overcome some of these limitations, the National Toxicology Program, US Environmental Protection Agency and NC State University coordinated to develop “A collaborative workshop on aquatic vertebrate models and 21st century toxicology.” This workshop will be held May 5-6, 2014 at North Carolina State UniversityFor more information go to