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CHHE Hires Bioinformatician

Dereje Jima, the newly hired CHHE Bioinformatician, is located in room 1104G in the CHHE Office Suite in the Toxicology Building, please stop by and introduce yourself and discuss your bioinformatics needs!

Dereje has more than nine years’ experience in biomedical research including; software development, bioinformatics, high throughput sequence analysis (Exome, Whole Genome Sequencing, RNA-Seq, ChIP-eq, FAIRE-Seq, microRNA discovery); Expression and genotyping microarray data analysis (Illumina, Agilent and Affymetrix plat forms ); statistics skill in R, Bioconductor and S-Plus; programming skill in Perl, PHP, Python, shell, standard Java and C++; strong database management skills using MYSQL , Filemaker Pro, and Access; advanced skill in parallel Linux node computing, Linux administration, assemble and configure small scale computational infrastructures.

Dereje can help with experimental design, data analysis, power calculations and bioinformatics analysis write-ups for grants. Dereje’s email is