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Environmental Health Research Cluster Hire Awarded to CHHE

The Chancellor’s Faculty Excellence Program is a cluster hire program that marks the first major initiative of the university’s 2011-2020 strategic plan, “The Pathway to the Future.” Starting in 2012, NC State will hire thirty-eight faculty in twelve research areas or “clusters” to promote interdisciplinary scholarship and the development of innovative curriculum in emerging areas of strategic strength. Environmental Health Science was identified as emerging area of strategic strength and the proposal, “Cluster Hire in Environmental Health Science” submitted by Drs. Smart, Threadgill and LeBlanc was selected for funding. The NC State Center for Human Health and the Environment is excited to invite applications starting in Spring 2012 for the research cluster in Environmental Health Science. This faculty cluster hire in Environmental Health Science includes an; i) Environmental Epidemiologist to evaluate the effects of environmental stressors on human populations; ii) Environmental Exposure Biologist to evaluate the relationships between exposure and health iii) Epigenome Scientist to elucidate the relationships among environmental stressors, the epigenome, and human health.  To read more, click here