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Toxicology Seminar: Dr. Edward Miao

Duke University School of Medicine "Exploding cells by proptosis to eradicate intracellular infection" Zoom link:  

Toxicology Seminar: Dr. Martha Susiarjo

University of Rochester Medical Center "Environmental modulators of tryptophan metabolism and maternal health" Zoom link:  

Toxicology/CHHE Seminar: Dr. Steve Roberts

Washington State University "APOBEC3A-induced mutagenesis during cancer development and treatment" Zoom link:

Toxicology Seminar: Dr. Anne Starling

University of North Carolina "Designing epidemiologic studies of exposure to per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and antibody response to vaccination" Zoom link:  

Toxicology/CHHE Seminar, Dr. Georg Wondrak

University of Arizona TBD Zoom link:  

Toxicology Seminar: Julia Grzymkowski

NC State University, PhD Student TBD Zoom link:

Toxicology/CHHE Seminar: Dr. Jesse Raab

"Chromatin remodeling complexes as therapeutic targets in liver disease and cancer" Zoom link:      

Environmental Justice Research Interest Group Meeting

Are you curious about Environmental Justice Research? Want to learn more? Katy May and Jen Richmond-Bryant invite you to join a workshop to gauge interest in founding an EJ Research Interest Group (RIG) in the CHHE. We will articulate goals and challenges for an EJ RIG. We are opening this meeting to colleagues at Shaw…