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Toxicology Seminar: Dr. Emma Rosi

Cary Institute of Ecosystems Studies "Pharmaceuticals and personal care products as agents of ecological change" Zoom link:

Toxicology/CHHE Seminar: Dr. Andrew Pospisilik

Dr. Van Andel Institute "Genes, environment and a roll of the dice: Epigenetic mechanisms of metabolic disease variation" Zoom link:  

Toxicology/CHHE Seminar: Dr. Staci D. Bilbo

Duke University "Prenatal environmental stressors synergize to impact neuroimmune function and behavior in male mice: relevance for neurodevelopmental disorders" Zoom link:

Toxicology Seminar: William P. Marinello

NC State University PhD Student TBD Zoom link:

6th. Annual CHHE Symposium – Climate Change and Health

Talley Student Union Kathie Dello (NC State Climate Office) – Overview of climate assessment, outreach and research in NC Jennifer Runkle (NCSU) – Motivating climate action in at-risk populations Chris Weaver…

Toxicology Seminar: Dr. Edward Miao

Duke University School of Medicine "Exploding cells by proptosis to eradicate intracellular infection" Zoom link:  

Toxicology Seminar: Dr. Martha Susiarjo

University of Rochester Medical Center "Environmental modulators of tryptophan metabolism and maternal health" Zoom link:  

Toxicology/CHHE Seminar: Dr. Steve Roberts

Washington State University "APOBEC3A-induced mutagenesis during cancer development and treatment" Zoom link:

Toxicology Seminar: Dr. Anne Starling

University of North Carolina "Designing epidemiologic studies of exposure to per-and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) and antibody response to vaccination" Zoom link:  

CHHE Seminar, Dr. Georg Wondrak

University of Arizona TBD Zoom link:  

Toxicology Seminar: Julia Grzymkowski

NC State University, PhD Student TBD Zoom link: