May 7, 2018 | Katy May

Melissa Marshall gave the keynote talk at this year’s ORIED Research Retreat on April 11 in Raleigh. Melissa is a faculty member in Penn State’s Department of Communication Arts & Sciences, and a founder of Penn State’s science and engineering outreach communication program. She’s known for her TEDTalk, Talk Nerdy to Me, Melissa’s lecture on effective science communication with more than two million views. For a glimpse of that TEDTalk, click here.

During her visit to NC State in April, Melissa focused on the power of giving a good scientific talk, and creating a strong presentation for your audience. You’re all busy, so her talk can be summarized in three main points:

The next time you have to present your science, think about how you might improve your presentation for your audience. For more on Melissa and her science communication work, visit her website.

“Science not communicated, is science not done.”
– Melissa Marshall