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Toxicology Seminar Series: Sean Ekins

Adventures in Toxicology: Drug Discovery, Machine Learning, Entrepreneurship and Netflix Sean Ekins, Collaborations Pharma, Inc. Toxicology Auditorium, rm 2104 *Toxicology Graduate Student Association (TGSA) Career Exposures  

Seminar: Jane Hoppin

Investigating PFAS Exposure and Health Effects in the Cape Fear River Basin: The GenX Exposure Study Jane Hoppin, Ph.D. Interim Director, Center for Human Health and the Environment Professor, Department of Biological Sciences University Faculty Scholar NC State University Plant Sciences Building Seminar Rooms 1322A and B In-Person with Zoom option Zoom Link

Toxicology Seminar Series: Tracie Baker

Adverse health effects and induction of transgenerational inheritance of disease due to environmental contaminants using the zebrafish model Tracie Baker, University of Florida Location TBD Supported by CHHE Environmental Epigenetics Research (EEG) Interest Group    

7th. Annual CHHE Symposium: Sex Differences in Response to Environmental Exposures

The 7th. Annual Symposium will feature research presentations by guest speakers and CHHE members in the area of Sex Differences in Response to Environmental Exposure. The symposium is open to anyone who would like to attend. CHHE members, their collaborators, graduate students and postdocs are encouraged to attend and present a poster on any aspect…

Behavior and Neuroscience Group Monthly Meeting

Two trainees from Kurt Marsden's lab will be presenting about their work. Melody Hancock (Bioinformatics PhD student): "Molecular pathways of CHD7 pathogenicity in a zebrafish CHARGE syndrome model using transcriptomic and proteomic analysis" Sureni Sumathipala (Postdoctoral scholar): "Investigation of seizure susceptibility in Cyfip2-deficient zebrafish" This is a great opportunity for trainees (and their mentors!) to receive…

CHHE Pulmonary Research Interest Group Mini-Symposium 2023

Keynote: Nicole C. Kleinstreuer, Ph.D. Title: “New Approach Methodologies in Inhalation Toxicology” Student Talks: Mr. Jeffrey Shipman Sivaraman Lab, NCCU Mr. Will Murray Sousan Lab, ECU Mr. Logan Tisch Bonner Lab, NCSU Students and post-docs are encouraged to present their current research, to look for potential synergy and collaboration that can emerge. Refreshments will be…

Spring Mini-retreat

Please join us for our Spring Mini-retreat at the Transfer Co. Food Hall on May 24 from 3-6 pm. We will be celebrating the successes of CHHE members (including someone who just got an incredible score on his R01 - find out May 24), discussing plans for next year, and learning more about what's up…

Toxicology/CHHE Seminar: Traci Hall

Traci Hall NIEHS, "Protein partnerships in RNA recognition" Toxicology 2104 4:00pm *Co-sponsored by Environmental Epigenetics and Genetics Group

Behavior & Neuroscience RIG Monthly Meeting: Albert Keung’s lab

Toxicology Building Auditorium rm 2104

Albert Keung's lab presents, with PhD student Gautami Kelkar giving a talk titled, "Investigating the role of metabolite availability on stress and differentiation in human stem cell derived cerebral organoids." Toxicology Building 2104    

Ingenuity Pathway Analysis (IPA) Workshop

Instructor: Dr. Tim Hou Zoom Details Meeting link: Meeting ID: 957 8928 8455 Passcode: 028704 Email to register and be added to list for the recording link Session 1: 1:00 PM to 2:00 PM, New user training Users will learn how to: • Perform pathway analysis on user’s data o Dataset format, upload,…

Toxicology/CHHE Seminar: Mónica Ramírez-Andreotta

Mónica Ramírez-Andreotta University of Arizona,"Participatory Research and Design for Environmental Health and Action" Toxicology 2104 4:00pm *Co-sponsored by Environmental Justice Group