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Katy May appointed Interim Director for the COEC

Katy has spent the last year as COEC Project Coordinator, under the supervision of Catherine LePrevost. Although Catherine had to return to her teaching duties in the Department of Applied Ecology, she was instrumental in integrating Katy into CHHE operations, and her efforts to build the COEC over the last year and a half are truly invaluable.

Katy has a Master’s Degree from Duke’s Nicholas School of the Environment, and a background in community-based environmental management. Before coming to NC State, Katy worked at the US EPA, implementing tools that make exposure data more accessible to people outside the traditional research community.

After spending the last year learning the ropes with the COEC, Katy is excited and grateful for this new opportunity. She wants to get more Center members involved in outreach, whether it’s through social media, workshops, or getting out into the communities. Plus, with her experience working with coastal communities (and Sea Grant’s recent move into the Toxicology Building), Katy sees environmental health research related to our oceans as an opportunity for CHHE, and hopes to start working more closely with some of our coastal communities and partners.

Katy is located in room 1104H in the Toxicology Building on Centennial Campus, and her email is She is happy to provide CHHE members with ideas and support.