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Special Seminar Announcement: November 17, 2015 “The p53 Tumor Suppressor Pathway”

Guillermina “Gigi” Lozano is known worldwide for her research on the regulation of the p53 tumor suppressor pathway. Inactivation of p53 by mutation is a critical event in cancer and p53 is mutated in more than 50% of human cancers.  Dr. Lozano has developed many critical mouse models which have provided invaluable insight into our understanding of the p53 pathway and its role in cancer. She is one of the top p53 researchers in the world and she has published over 180 peer-reviewed articles in prestigious journals such as Nature, Science and Cell.  She is Professor and Chair of the Department of Genetics at University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.  Seminar will be held in the Toxicology Auditorium at 4:00 pm.