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Bereman, CHHE Proteomics Leader Receives Instrument Grant

Dr. Michael Bereman, Assistant Professor and Leader of the Proteomics Group within CHHE Systems Technologies Core has been awarded an instrument grant from Thermo Scientific, the industrial leader in LC MS/MS technology to develop peptide adducts assays in biological fluids, implement his system suitability protocols protocols ( to monitor performance of such assays, and the overall evaluation of instrument software design in collaboration with Thermo Scientific.   Thermo Scientific has awarded Dr. Bereman a TSQ Quantiva Triple Quadrupole Mass Spectrometer and LC system for these studies (state of the art technology).  This instrument is the gold standard for targeted proteomics and has a linear range of detection spanning 6 orders of magnitude.  This instrument grant significantly adds to the analytical capabilities of the CHHE, Department of Biological Sciences and the Bereman Laboratory.