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The Exposome: A Tool for Transforming Exposure Science

Dr. David Balshaw presented a CHHE seminar entitled, “The Exposome: A tool for Transforming Exposure Science” on Monday, February 9. Dr. Balshaw is a Program Director in the Center for Risk and Integrated Sciences at the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences. Dr. Balshaw has spearheaded the Exposure Biology Program to develop a new generation of tools to characterize exposures as well as biomarkers of effect. He is responsible for planning and administration of NIEHS-funded research programs in bioengineering, integrated systems, and computational methods to understand complex systems; development of sensor technologies for exposure assessment; discovery and validation of emerging biomarkers; and application of innovative “omics” research for reducing risk of exposure and disease including development of databases. Dr. Balshaw’s interdisciplinary training in pharmacology and biophysics from the University of Cincinnati and University of Chapel Hill has enabled him to effectively bridge between disparate communities including engineering, mechanistic toxicology and both clinical and public health application. He holds leadership roles in the NIH Common Fund, the NIEHS DISCOVER Program, and the NIH Genes, Environment, and Health Initiative Exposure Biology Program.

Please click on the link below to view Dr. Balshaw’s PowerPoint Slides.

Balshaw, NCSU CHHE symposium 2015.