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Toxicology/CHHE Seminar: Dr. Suzanne Martos

"Single-Cell Approaches Reveal altered CD8+ T Cells in Smokers Indicating Immune Dysfunction and Premature Aging"  

Toxicology Seminar: Dr. James Bonner

North Carolina State University "Nanoparticles and the Immune System: A Toxicology Career Perspective in Developing New Collaborations" Zoom link:

Toxicology Seminar: Dr. Jessica Plavicki

Brown University "Interrogating Microglia as Critical Mediators of PFOS induced Neurotoxicity" Zoom link:

Toxicology Seminar: Dr. Anna Z. Pollack

George Mason University "Adipose to serum ratio of persistent endocrine disrupting chemicals and endometriosis" Zoom link:  

Toxicology Seminar: Dr. Emma Rosi

Cary Institute of Ecosystems Studies "Pharmaceuticals and personal care products as agents of ecological change" Zoom link:

Toxicology/CHHE Seminar: Dr. Andrew Pospisilik

Dr. Van Andel Institute "Genes, environment and a roll of the dice: Epigenetic mechanisms of metabolic disease variation" Zoom link: