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Metallomics involves the identification, roles, and impacts – both positive and negative – of metals and metalloids in biological systems. Although essential metal(loid)s such as Cu, Zn, Se, and Mn have specific, known biological functions, knowledge of uptake and toxicity mechanisms for these and non-essential metal(loid)s such as As, Pb, Cd, and Hg may require measurements of cellular distributions as well as specific metal complexation configurations in biological structures.

The Metallomics Section will measure metals in environmental and biological samples. Analytical approaches can characterize metal binding mechanisms and configurations. Data can also be transferred to Bioinformatics Research Center- and CHHE-supported servers and analyzed by CHHE Environmental Data Science Group.

All requests for consultation, support and services must go through the STC portal.

STC Voucher Program

All full center members are eligible for the Systems Technology Core (STC) Voucher Program. Under this program, CHHE provides 50% of the costs up to $15K/member per year for $30K STC or pathology services for projects with EHS relevance.  

To participate, complete a STC voucher request, which includes estimated costs and a project description. The major approval criterion will be that funds must be used for EHS-related projects.

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