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Proteins are the vehicles of change in living organisms and proteomics is the large-scale determination of gene and cellular function at the protein level. As with many –OMIC fields, proteomics developed as significant technological advances led to the better characterization of all cellular molecules including the complete sequencing of several genomes.

Toxicoproteomics, a subfield of both proteomics and toxicogenomics, uses both global and targeted protein methodologies to identify and characterize critical proteins/complexes/pathways/receptors that are affected by, or respond to, chemical and environmental exposures.

Following protein extraction and preparation from tissues, biological cells, or biological fluid, peptides are then purified via solid phase extraction and analyzed by LC MS/MS.

 Applications in Discovery Proteomics

  • Biomarkers for environmental exposures in biological fluids
  • Determination of protein binding partners
  • Global protein identification and relative quantification (e., shotgun proteomics)
  • Protein identification from excised gel bands

Applications in Targeted Proteomics

  • Relative quantification of peptide biomarkers of interest
  • Protein specific PTM analysis (g., phosphorylation)
  • Verification of siRNA knockdown experiments
  • Absolute quantification using protein cleavage isotope dilution mass spectrometry (PC-IDMS)

Multiple suites of software are available for data analyses. Data can also be transferred to Bioinformatics Research Center- and CHHE-supported servers and analyzed by the CHHE Environmental Data Science Group.

All requests for consultation, support and services must go through the STC portal.

STC Voucher Program

All full center members are eligible for the Systems Technology Core (STC) Voucher Program. Under this program, CHHE provides 50% of the costs up to $15K/member per year for $30K STC or pathology services for projects with EHS relevance.  

To participate, complete a STC voucher request, which includes estimated costs and a project description. The major approval criterion will be that funds must be used for EHS-related projects.

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