Andrew Baltzegar, PhD

The Genomics Section of the Systems Technologies Core (STC) is led by Dr. Andy Baltzegar, Genome Science Laboratory (GSL), NC State.

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CHHE researchers are focused on understanding the adverse effects of environmental toxicants on human health and many use model systems to conduct research aimed at elucidating molecular mechanisms. At the molecular level many CHHE researchers are interested in understanding how environmental toxicants alter gene regulation, affect the transcriptome, produce epigenetic changes, and alter DNA protein interactions. Others are interested in examining genomic variants and susceptibility to environmentally induced disease or identifying mutations in the genome. Powerful high-throughput sequencing technology available in the GSL at NC State supports CHHE researchers to conduct complete transcriptome analysis where both transcriptome development and abundance can be examined in a single experiment. This same technology allows genome wide studies of DNA protein interactions (ChIPseq), gene mutation analysis, SNP analysis, DNA methylation changes, RNAseq and micro RNA analysis, eQTL analysis, Genotyping by Sequencing (GBS) and Genome Wide Association Studies (GWAS).


The Specific Aims of the Genomics Section within the STC are:

AIM 1.  Provide expertise in study design and sample preparation.  The Genomics Section will provide guidance in all areas of high-throughput sequencing services, including assistance with sample and project preparation, and implementation of protocols for sequencing on various platforms.

AIM 2. Provide high-throughput sequencing services.  The Genomics Section will provide high-throughput sequencing technology and instrumentation, library preparation, and consultation for all levels of experimental design, development, and assessment.

AIM 3.  Provide guidance and expertise on Big Data analysis.  Provide guidance and expertise on Big Data analysis.  The GSL is linked to NC State’s Bioinformatics Research Center (BRC) and large dataset management and analysis will be conducted at the BRC by coordinating with the Systems Technologies Core Bioinformatician when needed.