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Toxicology Seminar: Dr. Elsie Sunderland

What Are the PFAS Exposure Sources We Are Currently Overlooking? Dr. Elsie Sunderland Harvard University  

Find Out Fridays: Dr. Hannah Atkins

An Update on Pathology Services Available through UNC Dr. Hannah Atkins

Find Out Fridays: Dr. Yihui Zhou

Modern Statistical Analysis in Biology Dr. Yihui Zhou Yi-Hui will describe how statistical and machine learning methods can be used to aid biological discovery. She will provide examples drawn from toxicology and microbiome research as well as human disease mapping.

Toxicology/CHHE Seminar: Dr. Carla Ng

PFAS Toxicokinetics: Navigating the Ins and Outs of Cells and Organisms Dr. Carla Ng University of Pittsburgh

Find Out Fridays: State of the Center Dr. Robert Smart Rob will provide his annual State of the Center presentation where he will provide an overview of the current Center and some highlights of the past year.

Toxicology Seminar: Dr. Tamarra James-Todd

Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals and Women’s Reproductive Health: Applying An Environmental Justice Framework to Epidemiologic Studies Dr. Tamarra James-Todd  Harvard University

Find Out Fridays: Dr. Jane Hoppin

CHHE Research Interest Groups Dr. Jane Hoppin Jane will lead a discussion focused on the development of additional CHHE Research Interest Groups.

Toxicology Seminar: Sarah Orr & Sierra Moorefield

Sarah Orr "Physiological Plasticity and Acclimatory Responses to Salinity Stress Are Ion-specific in the Mayfly, Neocloeon Triangulifer" Sierra Moorefield "A Novel Role for Zac1 in Cadmium-Induced Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease"

Dr. Carrie Breton Seminar

Toxicology Building Auditorium rm 2104

"Investigating the Interplay Between Environmental and Social Stressors on Child Health"